Yarn Info – Colourway Study

Hand Dye Techniques

I use professional grade acid dyes in a variety of techniques to create layers of applied colour that work together to create intense complex fabrics. I combines all-over baths, hand painted low immersion dyeing and splatter speckle sprinkles to paint, layer and create high contrast pooling and non-pooling and flowing subtle colourways. Colourways are intricate, creative and complex, with some colourways having over 30 separate steps of colour application for a rich and deep colour journey. Each colourway has it’s place and choosing the perfect colourway for your project is important. Below you can review swatches and learn about which colour techniques will work best for your!

Non Pooling Variegated Colourways

These colourways are created using a variety of techniques, gradually adding colour in unpredictable layers and patterns, creating saturated, flowing colour transitions, rich gradients and pools of varying colours and shades that are inextricably intertwined and blended. Generally they have little contrast and and result in finished fabrics that appear to flow and blend, preserving some stitch definition while intriguing the eye. Colourways tagged to be non-pooling are akin to rich watercolour paintings, subtle in colour changes and transition as the dyes have an opportunity to mingle, layer and blend as they strike. These colourways may have striking speckles or contrasting colours to add drama but the overall effect will be a non-pooling and flowing fabric. See all shop listings tagged non-pooling.

Higher Contrast Non-Pooling Colourways

My speckled colourways are actually splatter paints. My speckled colour stories are painted Jackson Pollock style with repeated application of drips of colour stock with factors such as heat and acidity affecting how vibrant the colours strike. These colourways are often unpredictable, highly contrasting with sprinkles of vibrant colour. Because of the multiple layers of randomly applied colours, these colourways are relatively consistent throughout the skein resulting in a low-pooling colour play. Some stitch definition can be lost with high contrast colourways but the outcome is a striking and intriguing fabric. These colourways stripe exceptionally really well with lower contrast or semi-solid colourways.

These colour stories have a high drama factor in that they contrast significant difference in tone and colour to create a high contrasting striking fabric with pops of colour and potentially little patches of skinny striping. They are generally not ideal for patterns where stitch definition is important such as cables and lace, but create amazing contrast when striped with semi-solid and low contrasting colourways.

Semi-Solid Colourways

Semi-solid colourways are essentially tonal yarns that are very subtle and vary only a bit in tone with a singular colour appearing in flowing waves of light and dark. Semi-solids are by their very nature non-pooling and low drama and will appease even the most low-key of colour enthusiasts. These colour stories have very little contrast for great stitch definition and can pair beautifully with higher drama yarns for colourwork. Highly recommended for striping, cables and colourwork. See all shop listings tagged semi-solid.

Skinny Striping Colourways

Skinny stripe colourways are painted to pool in a planned manner perfect for sock knitting. This technique creates a thin striping effect over small circumference knits like socks and fingerless gloves or mitts and designs that are asymmetrical and cause a shift in width of the fabric. I generally paint these on fingering weight yarn perfect for sock and shawl knitting. See all shop listings tagged skinnystripe.