Craftivism – Hearts & Hands Baby Layette Bag Donation

Love in every stitch!

Your layette bag will be a gift of welcoming and congratulations. The effort, care and thought your pour into your crafting carries with it your intent, energy and love. Layette bag guidelines were developed in concert with True North Aid. These are “minimal” guidelines. If you would like to add extra baby things, please feel free to do so. You can also donate more than one layette bag!

Our target goals are 50 layette sets donated and $5,000 raised, but to get there we need your help! Won’t you join your heart and your hands to the cause?

Are you a slow knitter? Short on funds? Happy to make a sweater but overwhelmed at the thought of making a whole set? Good news! You can leverage the power of community, work with knitting friends, family members, guild members, fibre arts group friends or your friends at your local yarn store to collaborate and create a layette together! This is an amazing opportunity to create community and make a tangible difference coming together and doing what we love.

Layette Bag Content Requirements

At least 2 items must be hand knit or machine sewn (hand made). The remaining number of items may be new purchased commercial goods of high quality or hand made (your choice!). You may include additional items that would be helpful for caring for an infant.

  • Note detailing washing instructions and fibre content of handmade items in the layette set
  • Card of congratulations (hand made or store bought, do not seal envelope, messages will be read to ensure appropriateness)
  • 1 pair of newborn size baby booties or 1 pair baby socks or baby mitts (knit, crocheted, sewn or purchased)
  • 1 newborn size or grow with me baby hat (knit, crocheted, sewn or purchased)
  • 1 newborn size or grow with me sweater (knit, crocheted, sewn or purchased)
  • Fabric or solid paper gift bag capable of holding the layette items without excessive bows or adornment. Consider ease of packing in your selection as layettes will be packed for additional mailings. Do not seal
  • At least 1 of the following options:
    • 1 knit, sewn or purchased baby blanket, sleeping bag/cuddle sac or,
    • 2 sewn or purchased baby receiving blankets or,
    • 2 knit, sewn or purchased burp cloths or wash cloths or,
    • 2 sewn or purchased newborn size onesies or baby t-shirts.

Guidelines for Handknits and Sewn Garments


  • Quality yarn or fabric suitable for next to skin, baby wear (wool, cotton, quality acrylic, try to avoid easy to felt yarns).
  • Quality is to be stressed, this is not an opportunity to get rid of old scratchy yarn you don’t like, this is a loving gift being given with respect and care for the recipient.
  • Ease of washing should be considered.
  • Be sure to include with all hand-knits and sewn items, a note with fibre content (in case of known allergies) and washing instructions.
  • Avoid pompoms, large buttons and other potential choking hazards. Secure buttons and snaps carefully or avoid snaps/buttons altogether by selecting pull-over and similar patterns.
  • Items should be made suitable for new born babies though grow with me options suitable for infants are certainly welcome.
  • Select colours with sensitivity to potential gender concerns and the new mother receiving your layette bag in mind. For ease of distributing layette bags, and in order to be thoughtful of sensitivity surrounding gender, it is recommended that colours that do not normally imply any gender (grey, navy blue, gold, red, brown, orange, yellow, green) be used where possible. That said, layette bags that contain items that appear generally better suited to one gender or another will be distributed accordingly (for example a lacy design selection and pink colours may be given to mother who has given or is expected to give birth to a baby girl).

Layette Bag Collection

A number of Local Yarn Stores have been asked to join the Hearts & Hands for True North Aid effort as drop off locations for completed layettes. These drop off locations will accept donated layettes and send gathered donations to the True North Aid point of contact that will coordinate shipping them all to the selected community. Collection will be an ongoing process until the fall of 2019, with many updates on our progress as things progress.

SUBCULTURE Yarn is not collecting layettes or partial layette donations.

Don’t see any collection sites for your area but you would like to? Why not shoot mobilize the forces? Contact your local yarn store and let them know about this project, see if they would be interested in getting involved or if they have a charity knitting group that might be interested. Many people care about the issues being faced by indigenous people in remote northern communities and will be excited to join you in your efforts!

So far these partners include:

Bring Your Friends!

How can you get involved and help make an even bigger difference you ask? Follow SUBCULTURE Yarn on social media (Instragram and/or Facebook) to stay on top of news and updates in our craftivism project with True North Aid! We will be posting updates on our progress and sharing event information as we go! Share this page, let your local yarn store know about it, repost and share our social media posts, invite your friends, knitting and crochet group members and anyone who might be interested in contributed their fibre arts energy to this exciting project!

On social media, please make sure you tag your related posts with @subcultureyarn and #subcultureyarncraftivism so we can share in celebrating your energy and contribution to this project!