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Emjay knitting baby sweaters at Knotty by Nature Fibre Arts in Victoria BC

Like many of us, conversations surrounding reconciliation and our shared history within and outside of the fibre community have touched my heart and prompted a deep personal and spiritual need for action. Now more than ever I yearn to do something that shows love, support and concern for indigenous people. Beyond letters to representatives and Government bodies, I need to do something tactile and enduring with this energy and momentum.

Let’s do something meaningful and big picture yes? Something with a practical impact that helps people, and sends a message of solidarity and love at the same time. We have an opportunity to harness an incredible power, the hearts and hands of our community, the fibre crafting community writ large and connect it with the hearts and needs of indigenous families in areas supported by True North Aid.

True North Aid
True North Aid

I went straight to True North Aid for advice, in hopes of working toward a project that would suit the needs of the communities they serve. They are an amazing charity providing practical humanitarian support to indigenous peoples in remote and northern communities throughout Canada.

Mr. Kenneth Smid, the National Director kindly helped shape the focus of this campaign toward an are of need where we knitters, crocheters and makers could make a huge difference: clothing and accessories for newborn indigenous children.

Many indigenous women in remote northern communities must travel long distances to give birth, often doing so without the in-person love and support of their families and loved ones. As well, the financial challenges of providing for a newborn are amplified in these communities where infant clothing and basic needs like diapers are incredibly expensive. Imagine how comforting a handmade gift and a personal note of congratulations and encouragement would matter to a new mom. Love, support and hope matter. There are many ways you can get involved and together with True North Aid, we can make a difference, one stitch at a time.

Join us in combining our love of fibre craft and our humanitarian concerns to support new indigenous mothers and families, while at the same time generating a powerful wave of fibre arts driven fundraising for our friends doing amazing work at True North Aid.