Frequently Asked Questions

How should your yarns be blocked and washed?
I recommend a bath in room temperature to cold water with a small amount of wool wash meant for hand dyed yarn or an enzyme-free dish soap like Dawn blue regular. Vinegar or lemon juice can also be added to clean the wool, wool fibres thrive in an acidic environment! This type of bath will wash away the oils and any dirt that may have built up, but will leave the fibre and bonds between the dye particles and wool perfectly intact and strong. Hot water or the shock of changing between hot and cold water can sometimes cause those bonds to break, as can some detergents. When that happens, the dye particles are loose in the water and can “reattach” or bleed onto other areas you don’t want. Avoid both of those risks and keep your colours vibrant and in place by using cool water and safe cleansers. This is especially important if you are washing or blocking a project that combines light and dark contrasting colour stories. These are best practices for any animal protein yarns that were dyed with acid dyes.

I forgot to apply a coupon code before checking out, can you help me?
Of course, please contact me or send me an email and I will gladly update or modify your order to give you the best experience.

I received a coupon when I signed up to your newsletter after I had already checked out and paid for my order. Can you help?
Of course! Please contact me to let me know what happened and the coupon discount will be applied retroactively to your order in the form of a partial refund.

How often do you send out your newsletter? I hate spam!
On average my newsletter goes out once per week at the most and is a fairly short read with some pretty eye candy and usually a discount coupon! The newsletter is the main place where discount coupon codes are released and the first place new colour stories and sales are announced.

Are you willing to accept a cheque?
For ease of processing we prefer EFT or credit card payments, however if your preference is to pay by cheque or money order we may be willing to coordinate this with you if we can comfortably verify your identity. Please understand that there are sometimes instances of fraud surrounding cheque payment for large orders so we do need to be careful.

I’d like to see if certain colour stories work together nicely, can you send me a photo?
Yes! Use our contact form to make your request and we will try to help you out!

I’m not happy about something with my order or yarn, what should I do?
Please contact us soonest so we can look into the issue and help!

Will you be attending any in-person fibre events?
While in person fibre festivals and markets have been delightful and amazing experiences in the past, we have realized that events are no longer a good fit for us due to health concerns, transportation requirements and the major disruption to our lives. We do not expect any events in our future at the moment.

Where can I find your yarn?
Our webshop is currently the only place where you can purchase our yarn.

I’m local to you, can I save on shipping?
Yes, select the “Local pickup” shipping option at checkout. This option will only appear if you have input a local Victoria postal code. If your postal code is not giving you this option (for example if you are in Sooke, or from out of town) please send us an email requesting your postal code be added to the list. That will allow you to check out with the local pickup option.

Do you wholesale or consign products to Local Yarn Stores or Online Shops?
No, sadly we are a very small boutique art dyehouse unable to manage the volume required to support wholesale or consignment opportunities.

Do you do collaborations or provide yarn support to knitting or crochet designers?
No, sadly we are a very small boutique art dyehouse unable to support the expenses, time and effort required to participate in these opportunities.