Hearts & Hands FAQ

  • I just want to donate a baby sweater, can i mail it to you?
    Firstly thank you for making a baby sweater! Some of our collection partners are willing to accept “partial” donations, which is any donation that doesn’t meet the requirements of a full layette bag. They will then combine these partial donations and fill in the blanks to create full sets for mailing. This will involve some coordination however so check the listing to see which collection partners are accepting partial donations. Before donating an incomplete layette, please give some serious thought to working with friends, whether in real life knitting group pals or online friends from a facebook group, to put a layette set together as a fun project?
  • There are no collection partners in my area, can I just mail this to you?
    SUBCULTURE Yarn is not actually a collection site, however some of our drop off sites are accepting mailed donations. Please check first to be sure. Before you do that however, have you thought about contacting your Local Yarn Store to see if they know about this? Perhaps you can be a champion in your area raising awareness and creating support, bringing the hearts and hands of the fibre community together
  • Can I be an introvert who doesn’t reach out to anyone but still knit something and donate it?
    Yes! Absolutely. This can be as big or as manageable as you wish and you can remain firmly within your comfort zones, wherever they may lie. The reason we are pushing community building so much, is that alone we are but few people capable of fewer things. The more hearts and hands are involved in the way of doing a thing, the more powerfully that thing can be done. You can be a person who prefers to donate a thing, a person who prefers to donate money directly to the charity, a person who prefers to mobilize forces and involve dozens of others, all of those things are amazingly valid and truly appreciated!
  • Can I use acrylic yarn?
    Yes the caveat on yarn is the quality more so than the composition. This is a gift being given out of love, care and support, choose a material that will be well suited for and appreciated by the recipient, not the scratchy old weird stuff of questionable origin.