Yarn Info – Colourway Gallery

Non-Pooling Variegated Colourways

These colourways are created using a variety of techniques, gradually adding colour in unpredictable layers and patterns, creating saturated, flowing colour transitions, rich gradients and pools of varying colours and shades that are inextricably intertwined and blended. Generally there is minimal contrast resulting in finished fabrics that appear to flow and blend, preserving some stitch definition while intriguing the eye. These colourways are akin to rich watercolour paintings, subtle in colour changes and transition as the dyes have an opportunity to mingle, layer and blend as they strike. These colourways may have striking speckles or contrasting colours to add drama but the overall effect will be a non-pooling and flowing fabric.

Higher Contrast Non-Pooling Colourways

These colour stories are more dramatic than their non-pooling variegated sisters. Generally these colourways have striking contrast of light and dark as well as colour and saturation, often leveraging the stark white of the undyed wool to frame vibrant explosions of colour. Though the colour application will be consistently randomized throughout the skein, it’s application will be chunky and striking in the finished fabric.

Semi Solid Colourways

These are non-pooling tonal colour stories of the same colour in varying saturation and intensity for a flowing colourway that preserves stitch definition with the depth of colour expected of hand dyed yarn. They pair beautifully with variegated colourways and are consistent and saturated enough for exceptional colourwork adventures.

Skinny Striping Colourways

Skinny stripe colourways are painted to pool in a planned manner perfect for sock knitting. This technique creates a thin striping effect over small circumference knits like socks and fingerless gloves or mitts and designs that are asymmetrical and cause a shift in width of the fabric. I generally paint these on fingering weight yarn perfect for sock and shawl knitting.