Cycloid Toque – a Gratitoque Knitting Pattern by Emjay Bailey

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Recommended Yarn

150ish yards of any DK or sport weight yarns. The hats pictured in the pattern were knit with 4 ply DK weight 100% Superwash Merino wool, 3 ply Sport weight 100% Superwash Merino wool and single ply worsted/DK weight superwash merino thick and thin yarns.

This Double Knit or Sport weight yarn toque has appropriate 90s slacker esthetic and is just the right amount of edgy with staple like decrease details reminiscent of train tracks and safety pins. This quick knit one skein wonder has been professionally technically edited and test knit.

About the Gratitoque Collection
Near the end of summer 2020, I hit a wall in terms of mental health, I was prioritizing the wrong things and not practicing self-care. I was numb to creative things, and not helping myself. To get back on the horse, I needed to inject purpose into my knitting.

What problems was I facing that I could perhaps solve with knitting, my most effective coping mechanism? Two problems came to me immediately: #1 Clutter: something to work through the yarn collection and free up space in my home; and #2 Aimlessness: something with purpose that allows me to inject kindness, positivity and gratitude into the world, even from my isolated safe space.

So it came to be, the Gratitoque challenge, a pledge I made to create 100 toques to gift to humans I appreciate, while concurrently publishing a collection of the toque patterns designed through the personal project. All of my Gratitoques are being knit using scraps and leftover yarns to make some much needed breathing room in the stash, and will be given away to various types of awesome people that pepper my life with loveliness.

Toques as expressions of thanks, love and appreciation, toques for the bus driver, toques for the homeless, toques for Dad, toques for the kids’ teacher or the nice lady who delivers your food on cold days. Toques because knitting feels good and giving feels even better. How many Gratitoques might you want to pledge to make?

About the Cycloid Toque
This lace design was inspired by the symmetry and organic perfection of the cycloid scales of salmon, crystalline and enchanting in their intricacy and arrangement. In honouring nature and wildlife in my creative endeavours, I am mindful of the crucial importance of the waterways that sustain all life. The salmon skin inspired Cycloid Toque is offered to all in gratitude of water defenders, ecological protectors and those who practice intentional harm reduction toward the health of waters and oceans in their daily lives. Notre terre mère vous remercie. Önenh.

If you experience any issues downloading the PDF file please contact me for assistance.