Dyed to Order – Superwash Merino Double Knit (4 ply)

$ 34.00 (CAD)

  • USD: $ 34.00

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A light Double Knit yarn that is 4 ply with a super shiny high twist of superwash merino wool that shines like a diamond in the sky. Because it is spun using 4 separate plies, this yarn offers enhanced strength and lasting resistance to pilling as well as tremendous softness as shine. This light DK yarn is perfect for children’s garments and next to the skin wear where strength and durability is also needed.

Did someone say sweater quantities??? We aim to please! Preorders will be prepared within 1 to 2 weeks of payment to allow for prep work, dyeing and drying time. Although the bare yarn stock is on hand, if there are any challenges that arise that could affect your order you will be apprised and have the option to cancel and receive a full refund at any time. A gallery of colour stories can be found below, choose your colour story from the list and add it to your cart to preorder your yarn! If the colour story name you want isn’t listed, please provide it in the comments of your order or send a separate email to clarify.

Non-Pooling Variegated Colourways

Higher Contrast Non-Pooling Colourways

Semi Solid Colourways

Super Saturated Solid Colourways

Skinny Striping Colourways

Weight 0.150 kg
Yarn Weight

Double Knit Weight

Yarn Weight (g)

100 grams



Fibre Content

100% Superwash Merino Wool

Yarn Plies

4 Ply

Care Instructions

Gentle hand wash in cool water and lay flat to dry. Can survive washer and dryer but will be better preserved with careful handling.


Adventurous, Alpine, Amanita Muscaria, Antiquity, Apocalypse Wow, Astro, Aurora, Bad Elf, Bay of Fundy, Bazooka, Beach Comber, Big Daddy, Birch Bark, Black Out, Black Pearl, Blue Monday, Blue Raspberry Jawbreaker, Boosh!, Bottle Dig, Cake for Breakfast, Casper, Cherry Candy Cane, Chinook, Chrysocolla, Cocoa Sugar, Cotton Candy, Crypto Currency, Cyber Punk, Cyborg, Dancing Skelebones, Dazzleberry, Disco Light Show, Doctor Hankenskein, Dolly Pop, Dolphin 39, Doodlebug, Driftwood Beach, Emily Carr, Energy Drink, Exquisite Shoreline, F* Bombs, Fairy Door, Fairy Wing, Finding Neverland, Fisgard Lighthouse, Flash Mob, Frosted Sugar Bombs, Fuscia Bloom Blues, Galopping Goose, Garf the Cat, Ghost Walk, Gifts from the Gulls, Glitter Freeze, Gnomeish, Gold and Rose, Gold Rush, Graffito, Grapezilla, Green with Envy, Happiness, Holly Jolly, Hot Flamingo, Hot Mama, Huckleberry Finn, I’m Lichen This, Inkjet Romance, Inky Deep, Kewpie Doll, Knotty Girl, Kokomo, Little Friend, Lizard King, Love me, Love me, Magnitude, Magnum, Melty Crayons, Moon Phase, Moonlit, Mr. Roboto, My Lady Mermaid, Neptune’s Bounty, Nightmare on Yarn Street, Niobium, Ocean Purl, Old Growth, Orange Ewe Glad?, Oyster Bay, Party Star, Payday, Payday Deconstructed, Peace on Earth, Pitch Black, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Purple Starfish, Quazar, Raspberry Beret, Rainy Oil Slick, Raven Wing, Ray Gun, Roller Derby, Salmon Run, Salmonberry, Salt Spring Island, Shady Business, Shrimpy, Silver Shamrock, Sock it to Me, Soft Boiled, Sombrio, Stainless, Strawberry Jawbreaker, Swamp Queen, Teenage Wasteland, the Great Pumpkin, Thrillseeker, Timely Telebox, Titanium Teal, Trance, Unicorn Farts, Unseen, Urban Decay, Vaguely Magical, Valley Girl, Vaporwave, Walking on Sunshine, What a Wookie, Wintergreen Ribbon Candy, Velvet Romance, Vintage Rose, West Walnut, Wisteria, Witches Brew, Wizard of Awesome, XMas Tree, Yarnsquatch, Zombie Pumpkin, Zombie Socks, Zoomers