Refund and Returns Policy

Billing Errors, Pricing Discrepancies and Coupon or Discount Codes

If you notice an error, price discrepancy or similar problem in your order, please raise it to our attention by contacting us right away. Once your order has been processed and shipped, it may be too late to address your concerns depending on the payment method selected. Requests for adjustment will not typically be entertained more than 5 days after payment unless there are extenuating circumstances or the issue was caused by an act/error or omission by us in which case time limits will not apply.

If you received a coupon or discount code after checking out and paying for your order, or if you simply forgot to enter the coupon discount code, we will happily update your order to reflect the discount and issue a partial refund. The discount or coupon code must however have been valid and in effect at the time your order and you must provide it in you request for verification.

Returns and Refunds of Goods

Yarn will not generally be accepted for refund, return or exchange unless there is a compelling reason that was caused by an act/error or omission by us, or a defect in the product that occurred during milling. If you feel your product is defective, contact us to discuss any concerns you may have, regardless of when the product was purchased.