Subculture Yarn – Yarn Info

Have you ever looked at a skein in utter amazement but wondered to yourself “… but how will this knit up?” or held a skein of fingering weight yarn unsure if you had enough to make socks? If yes then you sure have come to the right place!

Colourway Study

Learn about the different types of colourways I paint, how the colour stories are structured and in what types of projects they shine brightest, so you can select the best colour stories for your project!

Yarn Bases

Learn about the various base yarns available. All SUBCULTURE Yarn bases are milled in Canada and hand dyed in a tiny basement family home in Victoria BC.

Colourway Gallery

A gallery of repeatable colourways for fade planning, oggling, stockists and custom ordering.

Dye Inspiration Gallery

A gallery of colourways arranged in a collage with inspirational imagery.

Swatch Gallery

Knitted swatches of various colourways made using waste yarn. This is a continual work in progress.